Joe Morgan, aka “Smokin’ Joe” started playing guitar when he was ten years old. He got a guitar and a music book and began hammering away at the lessons contained inside the pages. His love of the instrument was apparent, falling asleep many nights with it still in his hands. it wasn’t long before he found himself playing in several local bands, the most notable of which in his telling was EXIT. After high school he moved to Knoxville, TN in search of more music, and ended up playing there for a time before joining the Army. During his tour in Germany Joe played in a band there called Mox Nix.

Returning stateside Joe formed a band called Critical Mass, playing mainly original material with a few covers thrown in for flavor. Due to personnel difficulties that band was short lived, and he and the guitar player teamed up with a drummer and bass player from a neighboring town to form what became Krystal Witch after the addition of the singer.

His next musical home was in the local area band Fokus before moving into the realm of studio musician. While in the studio he met the people who would become Rebel Heart, which entrenched itself in the club circuit and opened for such acts as Molly Hatchet, Survivor, and Starship. Rebel Heart released an album called ‘Cowboy Blues’, which Joe co-wrote several songs for.

The next project Joe played for was Terry Lee Bolton. After Bolton he played with The Dave Jennett Band before taking a break from the scene to do some writing and recording. He is currently hanging tight with a group known as Blind Peace from the Monticello, KY area.