Joe plays an ESP LTD Series H300 neck through guitar. The guitar itself is relatively stock, with only the addition of the Dimarzio Evolution pickups. It features a neck through body design, and has the teardrop headstock of the early model Horizon guitars. The strings are Ernie Ball Super Slinkys (.009 - .042). This has been his main instrument for about 12 years.

Joe's pickups are the DiMarzio DP200 Bridge and DiMarzio DP205 Neck models. They are the pickups that were designed in conjunction with Steve Vai. These pickups have a distinctive mid that cuts through the mix really well. Joe is also known to use the Seymour Duncan "Jazz set" which combines the "PAF" neck pickup with the "JB" model bridge. This is a distictively "warmer" tone set that are really great for the "blusier" songs.

Joe's amp of choice is the Carvin X-60 This amp is a true performer, capable of standing on its own in any style of music. Joe picked it for it's versatility and durability. If he ever endorses an amp it will have to meet the quality of this one.